Technibuild Group of Companies

About Us

Technibuild Group (the ‘Group’) of Companies with global presence in the Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates, India, Canada, and Nigeria, is engaged in Piling, Shoring, Enabling, Dewatering, Diaphragm Wall, Ground Improvement, Marine, Building Construction, Manufaturing, Services, Export/Import, etc through the following registered companies in the respective countries:

  • Technibuild Contracting L.L.C., Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Technibuild Contracting (Oman) L.L.C., Muscat, Oman
  • Virgin Technibuild (India) Private Limited, Kolkata, India
  • Technibuild Canada Limited, Mississauga, Canada
  • Technibuild Construction & Contracting Nigeria Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria

Technibuild Contracting L.L.C. was established in Dubai, U.A.E. on Jun 18, 2007, as a Limited Liability Company with the initial objective of building construction. After a phenomenal initial success, the promoters decided to move to the Sultanate of Oman, the neighboring country. With limited resources, the company in Oman was established as Technibuild Contracting (Oman) L.L.C. on Sep 12, 2009. Meanwhile, the group attempted to expand its business in the Indian market, by establishing its Indian branch, Virgin Technibuild (India) Private Limited on Jun 11, 2010. As part of its continued expansion program, the group established two new branches, in quick succession, to explore business opportunities in North America and Africa. Technibuild Canada Limited was born on Jan 5, 2016 and Technibuild Construction & Contracting Nigeria Ltd was born on Apr 29, 2016.

Over a period of six years, the company in Oman grew to a phenomenal height of being the top piling company in Oman, in terms of volume. The company grew in length and breadth and from one piling rig, the fleet shot up to eleven piling rigs, two anchor machines, two vibro-floats, two vibro-hammers, five cranes, etc and expanded its scope of operation into de-watering and enabling, thus offering a complete solution in foundation engineering under one roof.


The company garnered excellent reputation in the market and acquired the only DTH Piling rigs and the only silent “TOMEN” Piler from Japan, the one of its kind available in the whole of the Gulf (GCC) countries.


As on date, the group as a whole, has a FLEET OF THIRTEEN PILING RIGS with associated machines and equipment with a TOTAL GLOBAL ASSET OF US$ 19.2 Million and a total global annual turnover of US$ 11.7 Million.


The group has expanded its business scope from foundation engineering & building construction into infrastructure, export/import, services, and manufacturing.




"It is not the beauty of a building you should look at, its the construction of the "FOUNDATION" that will stand the test of time."